Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas isn't over...yet!

I love Christmas. Besides Valentine's Day (my birthday), it's my favorite holiday. I love that everyone gets together. I love the look on everyone's face when they open up a gift they didn't expect to get. It. Is. Wonderful.

This Christmas was the first married one for the hub's and me. For awhile there it didn't feel like Christmas--maybe because of no snow, no fam around all the time--I'm not sure. But he did his very best to make it 110% better and Christmas-y, just for me. He gave me awesome gifts and we were able to make memories that will last us forever (queue the cheese).

We did a little bit of decorating, as I like to keep things simple. My mom offered us a very small tree to use as our first Christmas tree. It was small, but it was ours--wonderful. We decorated it about a week before Christmas, and that's when I gave Josh his gift: a Steeler's ornament with sloppy writing on it that said "Steelers vs. Bengals 2012." He didn't quite process it at first--we were going to the big Steelers game of the season as his present!

Our tree and one lone decoration
That was what made our Christmas special as well since he hasn't been to a game since we've been together. Plus, it was my very first Steelers game. Ever.

But, Christmas isn't over! Since we spent Christmas Day with his family we only got to FaceTime with mine (technology is SO AWESOME). We're making the trip to see my side over this weekend/into 2013. I couldn't be more excited.

I hope whoever is reading this had a wonderful Christmas as well--it's a magical time of year and I can't wait for the next time it rolls around!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Super Easy Zippered Bag

I don't know why I've been so afraid of zippers. Seriously--it's silly how much I've avoided projects with zippers. It's SO EASY. My goodness! Thanks to an encouraging comment on my last post from Amy of Sews N Bows I have officially conquered the [regular] zipper.

Amy posted a link to her post about quick and easy lined bags. She links to this tutorial on how to make the bag. Here's my result:

I found the Marvel fabric on clearance at Walmart, and the lining is leftover from my skirt. I found the zipper in my stash--it was the perfect quick project. Thanks for the suggestion, Amy!

What should I work on next?

Friday, December 21, 2012

In the years since 4-H...

It's been years since I sat down at a sewing machine. In Elementary/Jr. High, I frequently was found making shorts, a dress here and there (with the help of my mother, of course) but that was all for 4-H. Yes, I was one of those kids you rolled your eyes at in Home Ec. because the teacher knew me and let me run wild with whatever I wanted to do while you were still learning how to thread the machine. Sorry.

My Aunt Debi, a very wonderful woman, recently gave my sister and me two beautiful Brother sewing/embroidery machines because she simply didn't need them anymore. She lives across the state, and when she first offered I merely thought, "Oh, awesome, I'll have a sewing machine similar to my Mom's and I'll make some stuff." No. The machine I received is the most amazing machine I've ever sewed with. I'm not even trying to be dramatic. It's beautiful.

My beautiful baby.

I've been itching to try it out and I finally got to last night. I found this wonderful pattern and whipped it together. It was even my first time doing pockets--ever! I don't know why pockets scared me so much.

I'm not a huge fan of the elastic waist--it makes me feel kind of old and lazy. My next project to tackle by myself is definitely a zipper. I'm just really excited to have made something so tangible for the first time in probably 5-8 years! And I am truly grateful to have been given a gift that really kind of inspired this blog. 

Any tips or good first zipper projects?

To 2013...and beyond

I've written a "hey welcome to my blog!" post so many times it's almost pathetic. I've done it here on the Blogger platform, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc., and frankly, I want this to be IT. The final first post on the "final" day of the Mayan calendar. How appropriate!

As a follower of so many different craft/sewing/food/etc. blogs, I really wanted to started my own blog to document what I love. I am an avid knitting, crocheter, pinner and I'm also pretty damn good at cooking and baking. I recently received a sewing machine from a wonderful aunt--that's also inspired me to start documenting the hobbies I love.

So welcome. Here's to 2013 and beyond!