Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life Lately: Stocking Up

Life lately has been crazy to say the least. Crazy good, though. It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks at work, and then I spent two weekends in a row at my parents' house. Both weekends were full of card making, DIY projects and me stocking up my stashes. Now all I have to do is organize it all! I've stocked up mostly on fabric and my weakness: paper.

This week I will be cleaning up my bedroom and organizing my craft/sewing space with a possible reveal this weekend. Hopefully that all will lead up to me finishing my project for the Black & White Challenge and the Laurel contest. They both end next week.

Life lately in photos:

My weekend DIY: a new tray to add a pop of color to our coffee table. I'm a horrible DIYer though...I didn't take a "before" picture!
My mom and I spent Saturday with a trip to Hollo's Paper Craft in New Brunswick, Ohio. So. Much. Cardstock.

A thank you card I made while at my parents' house.

I'm also stocked up on fabric! Between an online deal AND a trip to Jomar in Philadelphia, Pa., I have no excuse to not work on more sewing projects.

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