Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

My recap isn't much of a recap...more of a hey, I'm still here--and there will be something interesting coming soon.

While this weekend wasn't full of sewing/project planning like I expected, it was full to the brim with busy errands, family and friends. Unfortunately I came down with something on Saturday morning and after a late night I was down for the count all day on Sunday. Plus the hubs woke up with a fever today, and I'm still stuffy. We make quite the pair!

I'm not posting this as an excuse as to why I didn't get anything done...but it truly is why I'm still a little behind. But there is good news--and a light at the end of this long tunnel! I have major plans for the coming weeks. Seriously.

They include:
  • Blog overhaul -- I'd just like to play around with the design and such. That's ongoing, obviously.
  • A Spotted Sorbetto -- last week I picked up some very pretty fabric to make a Sorbetto top with. This will be a first for me!
  • I'm also going to attempt the envelope clutch sew a long from see kate sew before I leave for my work trip next week.
  • A few possible refashions with two items from my closet cleanse that I didn't want to give up.
  • And more!
Speaking of my work trip--I'll hopefully be taking my camera with me to document my travels. I'm still trying to get more comfortable with getting the big honking thing out and not looking like a crazy person. I know I shouldn't care, and I really want to start documenting my life and sharing it on my blog. 

Anyway that's it for me! I'll hopefully be getting a lot done over the next two days. Hope your week is great wherever you are! :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Pittsburgh birthday and some card making

I had such an awesome birthday with my husband last Thursday! He truly spoiled me. We spent the day in Pittsburgh. Here was our view from dinner:                                                                                                    
Day View
Night View

Is that not awesome or what? Great view, great food--so much fun. Doesn't hurt to have your birthday on Valentine's Day. ;)

As much as I have wanted to update the blog this week it has been hard. With my night class for our MBA program (almost done with our third class--it flies by!), working, cooking,'s been nonstop.

Tonight I finally got to sit down and make a card for my dad for his birthday on Sunday. We are celebrating my birthday with my family tomorrow since we couldn't see them last week. I get to eat sushi--I'm very excited.

I've been making my own cards every now and then for awhile now. I get it from my mom who totally spoils me and enables my need to buy every paper product in sight! Two Christmases ago she got me a Cricut and this past Christmas I got a Big Kick embossing beast. They are two of my tools that truly help make great cards even though I don't get around to it as much as I like.

Here's the card I made for my dad (pretty simple, but so is he--in a good way):

This card has the trifecta of cardmaking techniques: die-cutting, embossing and stamping. I know, too much.

I also wanted to give a glimpse of wear I craft as well as sew. Sorry in advance for the blurry photo:

Like most of our furniture, the desk was a hand-me-down from my parents' house. It works, but it is way too small of all of my stuff. I won't even mention what my sewing machine is sitting on--it's so embarrassing!

I'm excited to one day have a house with my own specific place to organize all of my sewing and crafting supplies. Two of the necessities I will be looking for in our first home is a space for me and a man-cave for the hubs. Super important.

Well, that's about it. Sorry for the kind of long and kind of lame update. Hopefully I'll have a list of weekend plans that involve sewing!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

25 before 25 and a NEW NAME

You may (or may not) have noticed that my blog has a new name: very blissful. I changed it on a whim because I am so indecisive  and I wasn't feeling scraps & scones. When I think about what I want this blog to develop into--I want to be able to transition into a number of different things. Sewing, crafting, knitting, DIY, family, photos, here we are. Feel free to let me know your thoughts! I have a lot in store for this little gem on the web.

Also, I turn 24 in two days. How crazy is that? Crazy to me. I know it is not like I am turning 30 or 40 (great milestones I will point out) or even 50 like my madre in May, but still. I can't believe I am turning 24 and NEXT YEAR I'll be 25!

To start a new type of tradition and inspired by Elsie at A Beautiful Mess, I've created a 25 before 25 list to try and tackle in the next year. It is my hope that this will give me something new to blog about every once in it would be so cool to say I did most of these things before my 25th birthday in 2014! So without any further babbling...

 photo 25before25_zps5fafc7a1.jpg
1. Travel to the Pacific Coast
2. See Ben Folds live
3. Find my style
4. Make a dress I love
5. Adopt a dog/puppy
6. Celebrate Hubby's 25th in a big way
7. Reorganize everything
8. Write more
9. Create my own tutorial(s)
10. Visit Laura in NYC
11. Go to Mood in NYC
12. Start and keep an inspiration journal
13. Explore Pittsburgh
14. Blog every day
15. Volunteer
16. Learn my camera/Take more pictures
17. Design a line of cards
18. Start a monthly boardgame night
19. Go on more dates
20. Create monthly meal plans/budgets
21. Read at least 10 new books
22. Send birthday cards this year
23. Make (sew) something completely different/out of my comfort zone!
24. Run a 5k
25. Lose 25 lbs. 

So that's it! I can not believe I made a list this long to attempt over the next! Some of them will be super easy, but I think there are a few that might not happen. And I am totally okay with that!

I will be updating on this list as I go along! Is there anything I should add/switch/take off?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy February!

Can you believe it is the first week of February already? I sure can't! How crazy is that?! Here's what I have planned for the upcoming month:

 25 before 25 
Well, for those (probably all) of you who may not know, I am a Valentine's Day baby. Yup, I'll be turning the big 2-4 next Thursday! I'm really excited to celebrate another year of life, and since I have one more year until I celebrate a "big" birthday (I think 25 is big...the hubs is turning 25 this year and I'm going to try to go all out) I am planning on doing a 25 before 25 list. I've seen the "24 before 25" and the one number less than lists, but I want to do 25 before 25. I'm not sure that I will get to all of them...but I am definitely going to try!

 Getting on a schedule 
It's been so hard to keep up with posts and what not with work, life and the grad class we've been taking. Plus, I've been super picky about what project I want to start and what type of fabric I want to use/buy/where I want to buy it. So I haven't started ANYTHING yet. I have a day off from work tomorrow and so does the hubs, so I might talk him into letting me go to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's to stock up on some supplies! But I promise--I will eventually post more and have a schedule like all you other fancy bloggers out there.

Stay tuned, because to celebrate my birthday I'll be posting my list and maybe a Valentine's project of some sort!