Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Stashbust 2014: Part One (The Collection)

WARNING: This post is pretty photo heavy! 

Have you heard about the Summer Stashbust that Sally from the quirky peach announced last week? If not, you should check it out. Basically it is a challenge to sewists to get through their fabric stash between June 21 and September 21. That means no buying new fabric until you get through what you have!

When I first read the post I thought, "YES. This is exactly what I need!" Even though there was a litttttle voice inside me saying, "but budget everything. You don't need to NOT buy fabric. Plus, Girl Charlee will miss you!" Baha.

In all reality I have too much fabric. Not truck loads, but a lot. A lot that sits around and doesn't get used because I'm too busy buying new fabric for other projects and then the same thing kind of happens to that fabric. It is a vicious cycle. So I have vowed not to buy any fabric until I get through my stash. What's in my stash, you ask? Great question! I've documented all that I have (not counting scraps/RTW refashions) below. My next post will be a planning post about what I want to do with it all this summer!

The Collection
 photo IMG_0001_zpsc39d6a3a.jpg
So. Much. Fabric.
The Wovens
 photo IMG_0003_zps817a9737.jpg      photo IMG_0004_zps2c3a613c.jpg      photo IMG_0005_zpsbfc99312.jpg
Row 1: Cherry Vinyl; Rayon Challis 90's Inspired Floral; Rayon Challis Watercolor Print

 photo IMG_0006_zpsff212507.jpg      photo IMG_0007_zps02a96992.jpg      photo IMG_0008_zps031c2a16.jpg
Row 2: Some type of floral cotton; Some weird blue pinstripe fabric; Printed Cotton

 photo IMG_0009_zpsdbf54e6d.jpg      photo IMG_0010_zpsbca0b2a4.jpg
Row 3: Light Chambray; Some weird lilac plaid print

Thoughts: I recently (well not so recently--more like in November) fell in love with sewing knits, and a huge chunk of my fabric stash is not woven anymore. While a few projects have gotten me to fall in love with wovens again, a lot of my stashed wovens are sub-par. Looking ahead, I plan to only buy woven fabric online from trusted sources. I was buying from because of the great shipping deal ($35 & over free), but the fabrics haven't been that great. I got the beautiful 90's floral/watercolor from Wanderlust fabrics, and I really like them. Lesson learned: always touch your fabric and know what you are buying. AND buy for a project/wardrobe addition in mind and NOT just for the fabric!

The Knits
 photo IMG_0012_zpsf4e6483e.jpg      photo IMG_0013_zps5f0d77df.jpg      photo IMG_0014_zpsf0eef253.jpg
Row 1: Egglplant Waffle Knit; Fox Print on Light Blue Jersey; Feather Jersey Print

 photo IMG_0015_zps5eae09fa.jpg      photo IMG_0016_zps51cf3b21.jpg      photo IMG_0017_zps9655b139.jpg
Row 2: Cranberry Ponte; Burnt Orange Ponte; Kelly Green Ponte 

 photo IMG_0019_zps97a8bfe6.jpg      photo IMG_0020_zps0e2b306a.jpg      photo IMG_0021_zps44de7915.jpg
Row 3: Scratchy Burnt Orange Ponte; Heather Grey Jersey; Off-White Jersey

 photo IMG_0022_zpse6994e31.jpg      photo IMG_0023_zps60bec0f8.jpg      photo IMG_0024_zps4c563f7a.jpg
Row 4: Royal Blue Jersey; Grey-Speckled Slub Knit; Grey Stripe Hacci Knit

 photo IMG_0027_zps5a8e5147.jpg      photo IMG_0026_zpsdbc47990.jpg     photo IMG_0025_zpsbdffb5c3.jpg
Row 5: Pink Horse Print on Jersey; Orchid Swim Lining and Black Lyrca; Stars and Stripes Jersey

Thoughts: As I stated above, I l-o-v-e knits. And after discovering Girl Charlee my stash started to grow uncontrollably. A lot of the projects I've done I haven't documented (boo), but I have gotten through a lot of the stash before this challenge. But I am going to have the same goal as with my wovens: I want to buy for the project as well as my wardrobe.

I'm really excited about this challenge. I really think that it will help me get through my stash as well as get me to blog even more this summer. On that note, after this Thursday I am free of grad school until September! Now is the perfect time to start. You'll see lots more soon, I promise!

Next up: The Plan. I want to have a general plan for each of these fabrics before I dig in--I think that will be a great way to help me get through what I have! Are you stash busting this summer?

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