Saturday, January 5, 2013

RIP Navy Jersey Knit Dress

So I thought this weekend would be a weekend of progress, especially with getting on track to start my wedding guest dress goal. The first wedding we have to attend is May 17. I'm hoping to at least have 4-5 pieces done by then. There's just on itsy-bitsy problem.

I'm super impatient.

I'm one of those sewers who wants the pattern to be cut out already, the dress to be made and everything to be easy. Well, yesterday I started on a dress that I've had the pattern to for a long time as well as the fabric. It was a jersey knit hot mess train wreck. And that's me being nice.

Instead of beating myself up over it and being my usual self-loathing self when I mess up I decided that, "hey, let's not try jersey knits for awhile." Because really, that's not my ultimate goal. It's not what I want to achieve.

I recently purchased the Colette Sewing Handbook and the beginning of the book (before all the good stuff) really hit home for me and what I want to achieve in regard to my personal style. We spend so much time accumulating "things" that don't necessarily make us (or me at least) happy. When I think about my closet, I have a ton of stuff but only a few key pieces that I'm absolutely in love with and wearing all the time.

And there are those times when I'm looking for a cute dress for a specific occasion and I decide to go to the Outlets or Kohl's or Penneys to grab something to wear. I almost always walk away empty handed because the "trendy" stuff fits me funny or in most cases is uncomfortably short.

In my ideal world, the one where I don't have a clothing budget, I would buy adorable expensive vintage dresses from Etsy, or the vintage inspired styles on ModCloth. But I honestly would rather spend (or save) $80+ dollars on something else that isn't a cute sunglass print dress that I'll only wear once.

So I'm going to be taking inventory of my closet, seeing what I want, checking off what I have and building a new wardrobe (myself) around that. I'll keep you updated!


  1. I seriously have the exact same problem! I have a ton of clothes yet only three or four outfits that I wear at all. :/ I can't wait to get a sewing machine, learn to sew and maybe be able to make a few things that I'll be proud to wear! :)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! My husband was JUST telling me last night that I have so many's a serious habit I have to break. I'm looking forward to my next project--hopefully it will be something I can actually wear/post a picture of!

  3. Well, good luck! I can't wait to see!

    By the way, I listed you for this blog award/hop I joined in on today! My post about is here:

    If you do want to participate, I look forward to reading all your fun answers- if you can't join in, I still look forward to all your awesome insight into sewing!

    Have a great day, Victoria!