Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Pittsburgh birthday and some card making

I had such an awesome birthday with my husband last Thursday! He truly spoiled me. We spent the day in Pittsburgh. Here was our view from dinner:                                                                                                    
Day View
Night View

Is that not awesome or what? Great view, great food--so much fun. Doesn't hurt to have your birthday on Valentine's Day. ;)

As much as I have wanted to update the blog this week it has been hard. With my night class for our MBA program (almost done with our third class--it flies by!), working, cooking,'s been nonstop.

Tonight I finally got to sit down and make a card for my dad for his birthday on Sunday. We are celebrating my birthday with my family tomorrow since we couldn't see them last week. I get to eat sushi--I'm very excited.

I've been making my own cards every now and then for awhile now. I get it from my mom who totally spoils me and enables my need to buy every paper product in sight! Two Christmases ago she got me a Cricut and this past Christmas I got a Big Kick embossing beast. They are two of my tools that truly help make great cards even though I don't get around to it as much as I like.

Here's the card I made for my dad (pretty simple, but so is he--in a good way):

This card has the trifecta of cardmaking techniques: die-cutting, embossing and stamping. I know, too much.

I also wanted to give a glimpse of wear I craft as well as sew. Sorry in advance for the blurry photo:

Like most of our furniture, the desk was a hand-me-down from my parents' house. It works, but it is way too small of all of my stuff. I won't even mention what my sewing machine is sitting on--it's so embarrassing!

I'm excited to one day have a house with my own specific place to organize all of my sewing and crafting supplies. Two of the necessities I will be looking for in our first home is a space for me and a man-cave for the hubs. Super important.

Well, that's about it. Sorry for the kind of long and kind of lame update. Hopefully I'll have a list of weekend plans that involve sewing!


  1. I just started with cards actually, having received an embossing machine last year and a Silhouette for my birthday! I have a question for you, what do you use to put all the pieces together? Glue, spray adhesive, tape, or dots? I want to get the right stuff, but I also don't want to pay an arm or a leg looking for it!

    1. For the card above I used a Recollections tape runner for the red and a Martha Stewart glue pen for the black part. I highly recommend a glue pen for small parts, and I have been using tape runners to assemble larger pieces. Just make sure you get a permanent adhesive. As obvious as it sounds I bought a reusable adhesive tape runner when I was first "on my own" and I kept wondering why things were coming off so easily! Even the cheapy kind of tape runners work great, and some are refillable which can cut down on costs. :)