Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

My recap isn't much of a recap...more of a hey, I'm still here--and there will be something interesting coming soon.

While this weekend wasn't full of sewing/project planning like I expected, it was full to the brim with busy errands, family and friends. Unfortunately I came down with something on Saturday morning and after a late night I was down for the count all day on Sunday. Plus the hubs woke up with a fever today, and I'm still stuffy. We make quite the pair!

I'm not posting this as an excuse as to why I didn't get anything done...but it truly is why I'm still a little behind. But there is good news--and a light at the end of this long tunnel! I have major plans for the coming weeks. Seriously.

They include:
  • Blog overhaul -- I'd just like to play around with the design and such. That's ongoing, obviously.
  • A Spotted Sorbetto -- last week I picked up some very pretty fabric to make a Sorbetto top with. This will be a first for me!
  • I'm also going to attempt the envelope clutch sew a long from see kate sew before I leave for my work trip next week.
  • A few possible refashions with two items from my closet cleanse that I didn't want to give up.
  • And more!
Speaking of my work trip--I'll hopefully be taking my camera with me to document my travels. I'm still trying to get more comfortable with getting the big honking thing out and not looking like a crazy person. I know I shouldn't care, and I really want to start documenting my life and sharing it on my blog. 

Anyway that's it for me! I'll hopefully be getting a lot done over the next two days. Hope your week is great wherever you are! :)

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