Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Lately: Lane Raglans Galore

Life lately has been busy, but it's been a good busy. While I don't have a lot to currently update (big plans coming in the future, but I always say that! I really do mean it. Really.) I do have proof that I've been doing some sewing. Specifically, I've been sewing a lot of Lane Raglans:

Lane Raglan v1: All That Glitters is Gold
Lane Raglan v2: Sweater Weather
Lane Raglan v3: Another Floral Lane
Excuse all my different photo locations. I'm trying to find "my spot" like so many sewing bloggers out there have. It's hard! ANYWAY. This pattern is the bomb dot com. It's an easy sew with a serger (or even a regular machine!), and I made TWO in one afternoon. That's including cutting out my fabric! The best part? No hemming required! You just have your collar piece, wristbands and waistband. Of course if you wanted the look of a true raglan tee you could opt to hem the sleeves/bottom, but I wanted some comfy sweatshirts.

I wanted these to fit more like sweatshirts rather than your standard fitted tee, so I upped the size a bit. You can see in my All That Glitters is Gold version that the one armpit looks a little big, but other than that it fits great. Perfect for summer nights, beach evenings and bonfires!

There are at least one or two more Lane Raglans in my future, but I'll probably size down depending on the fabric. I highly recommend this pattern whether you have worked with knits before or just want to get your feet wet! Have you made a Lane Raglan yet? Do you love it?!

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