Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Black & White Challenge: Pattern and Fabric

Over the weekend the hubs and I went up to my parents' house to visit since it is pretty rare that he has an entire weekend off. Luckily this past weekend was one of those rare ones. My parents live about one and a half to two hours away (depends on who is driving-ha!), so needless to say it is hard to make the trip up with our schedules.

On Saturday my mom and I traveled across the PA line into Ohio so I could weigh-in at Weight Watchers. (Side Note: I've been trying doing Weight Watchers at Work, but while I was traveling I missed the meeting. I'm pretty serious about it, especially since it is coming out of my paycheck, so I found a place to do my weekly check-in.) After that pit stop we had breakfast and geared up for some shopping. Tuesday Morning, Hobby Lobby, the Mall, Joann's, was a full day. But I love shopping with my mom--we work so well together. We can be shopping together or go our separate ways and meet up in the middle. It's perfect.

My initial plan was to buy fabric and possibly a pattern at Hobby Lobby for the Black & White Challenge. Unfortunately I didn't see anything I liked there, and there was no pattern sale. My mom was looking for yarn and didn't find anything either! Except we both did walk away with the same embossing folder that was under $5. You can't beat that.

I figured I would try my luck at Joann's since they were having a coupon commotion this weekend. (Spoiler Alert: Of course everything I ended up buying was on sale and I couldn't even use a single coupon, but I still got some good deals.) I ended up finding this really pretty black/white "fake lace" fabric on clearance for $6 a yard.

There was also a Butterick pattern sale going on (5 for $5), but they only had two books available to look at. I went to grab a book by a grandmother like woman and politely asked if I could look at it. She flat out closed what she was looking at and said "no." Um, OKAY. The other book was being hoarded too, so I waited. And waited. And I finally got to look at the book, write down five patterns I liked, and then I couldn't get to them because one of the ladies must have chosen 20 patterns to get out of the drawers. And she wasn't even really looking for them--I could tell she was going through each of the rows. They're numbered for a reason! |END RANT|

Sorry about that! It was just really frustrating. I actually ended up scrapping the Butterick patterns I found because I wasn't completely in love with them--I just wanted them because they were a dollar. The pattern that I ended up buying for the Black & White Challenge is New Look 6148:

It seems like a very versatile pattern, and depending on how I like it I might do a few variations. For example, you could make the yolk part of the shirt a pretty lace or eyelet.

For the challenge I'll be going with look E. The clearance fabric I purchased will be the top portion of the shirt, and I have a black poplin for the bottom half. I decided to go with a shirt because I am always in need of new shirts to wear. Seriously, if you entered my apartment before the end of the day or in the morning you would hear me crying to my husband about how I have nothing to wear. Which is ridiculous, but that is a tale for another day.

That's what's on my sewing agenda! Nothing too fancy, but I am excited to cut out the pattern ASAP. I do have some grocery shopping and cleaning to do after work, but I'm hoping to get everything cut out tomorrow or Thursday. I'm going to the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival with my mom and godmother on Saturday, and I am going to try to not buy any yarn while I'm there. Here's why:

Yeah. (Please ignore my closet mess. This reminds me those garbage bags are full of clothes I need to donate.) I know that may look crazy to you non-knitters. That's why I told myself no more yarn unless I'm making a specific project for someone. But my needles yearn for something nice and new! AHHHH! At least it's color-coded. In all seriousness if you are looking for yarn (color, etc.) to start out with to see if you like knitting let me know. Even if you'd like yarn if you knit already let me know. I'd be happy to send some your way!

There will be a few new things coming up...if you are reading this on the actual blog you may have seen that I did a little revamp for my header and nav bar. I added a "daily bliss" button that I hope will motivate me to start taking my camera out more. I don't know why it intimidates me so much.


  1. that 'fake lace' is going to look fabulous!

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited to see how it turns out.