Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thoughtful Tuesday

Oh hey there. Haven't been back in awhile. Sorry. My apartment is a complete WRECK which means my "sewing" room is even more wrecked. But today will be a day of muslin making and assembling, so that is good news!

I titled this post "Thoughtful Tuesday" and I really don't know why. Probably because I like alliterations. In all seriousness though I though of a brilliant idea today--brilliant in my mind at least.

Remember that time I said those really mean things about people looking at the pattern books during the pattern sale at Joann's? Yeah, me too. Not cool, Victoria, not cool. Well I came up a solution to this problem should it ever happen again. It is kind of obvious and I wished I would have thought of it sooner, but it could solve all of my problems on a busy Saturday sale day at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc.

I made a sewing stack in my Evernote account (if you don't use Evernote you should check it out) and my plan is to organize inspiration photos, patterns I do have, notions I have, fabric I have, etc. all into one place. In addition, I've made a list of patterns I would like to buy. Not all at once obviously--I think it is insane to pay $10+ for a commercial pattern when there are .99 cent sales happening all the time. But I made a note in my "Patterns to Buy" notebook that included all of numbers to the McCall's, Simplicity, Butterick, Burda Style and Vogue patterns that have caught my eye online lately. The best part about this idea is that I have the Evernote app on my phone, so the next time I spot a pattern sale I can be ready and not have to go through the pattern books at all! Genius, right?

Okay so it isn't earth shattering, but it is a step in the right direction. I scolded myself after posting that rant because it wasn't very nice at all. And now I have a solution to my problem! I've also been able to clip all the awesome patterns I have found for independent designers like Colette, Megan Nielson, Victory Patterns, etc. so I know which ones I would like to take a stab at next.


  1. Haha, that's a great idea! I have notes and documents for lists of things I want or need (in case I make an impromptu trip to the grocery or library) but I never thought to make one for patterns. It's much better than my current plan when books are being used, which is to go through every single patterns in the drawers myself. It may seem drastic and time consuming, but doing so means I get the patterns in my size before the people reading or waiting to read through the book. I felt a little bad about that since I didn't go by the rules properly, but oh well. I'll try your idea next time and not be such a jerk. ;-)

    1. Haha I'm sure you aren't a jerk--but it does cut down on going through every single pattern during a sale! I was at Joann's last night and they had a 5 for 5 Simplicity sale going on--I couldn't pass it up! Luckily it wasn't as busy as the Butterick sale when I was really grouchy, but I still pulled up my notes and it worked great! :)