Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Ahead Of Myself

So on Tuesday night I got all of my pieces cut out for my Black & White Challenge project. I thought I was going to sew it up yesterday (I read the directions and it doesn't seem like it will take too long.), but the hubby and I ended up running some errands. We did not get back to the apartment until after 10 p.m. and I was bushed. I told myself I'd work on it after work today. Enter the 2.5 hour grocery trip--without a list because I left it on the table. It actually was not as bad as it sounds, but I got home and ended up baking cookies and making ice cream for my man. Wife of the year award? I'll take it! (Just kidding. That was out of the goodness of my heart because he is too good to me!) Now I am telling myself that I will get it done tomorrow, but am realizing as I type that I made plans.

At any rate, I will be up on Saturday to work on this project because it is in my queue. In the mean time I have ordered the newest pattern from Colette Patterns, the Laurel, for my next project. I am excited to say the least! My vision for this pattern is to make a dress for a May wedding, but I don't have any fabric. I decided to poke around online. I found that the Fashion Fabrics Club has free shipping for orders $50-plus. I ended up coming away with a nice little stash for projects I would like to complete before the start of the summer. Plus, there is a little contest going on to show off the Laurel. My goal is to enter the contest with at least one variation.

Did anyone else order the Laurel pattern and are you planning on entering the contest? Let me know--I'd love to see what you come up with!

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